Indian-American poet, graduate of the MFA in Writing program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. My poetry has recently appeared in Waxwing, Tupelo Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, Cloudbank, and other publications. Find essays, reviews, translations, and more poems at Numéro Cinq Magazine. Honors include a fellowship at the Center for Book Arts in NYC and Pushcart Prize nominations in 2015 and 2018. I participated in Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project in April 2020.

Get your copy — Saffron Threaded, a chapbook from Dancing Girl Press.


I teach poetry and revision the way I was taught by my mentors and teachers: Jody Gladding, Jen Bervin, Matthew Dickman, Richard Jackson, and Ralph Angel. Recitation and close examination of imagery, word choice, and line integrity are central to my poetry-revision discipline.

Contact me by e-mail or on social media, or through my mentor page on the Poet’s Bridge. I hope you enjoy some of the publications below and my poetic reflections here on the blog!

—A. Anupama

Recordings of recent poems from the April 2020 set written for Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project:

Links to some of my poems and translations online, with gratitude to the editors of these publications:

Three poems in Atlas + Alice

“What the Heart Can Bear: Tamil Love Poems from Kuruntokai in Numéro Cinq Magazine

“Of what is my love made? I ask” in Numéro Cinq Magazine

“Ode to reduction” and “Desert Drill” in The Manhattanville Review

“Love & the Loveless: classic Tamil poems translated” in Numéro Cinq Magazine

“Minakshi Meets Her Shiva” in Numéro Cinq Magazine

“Kiss of intention” in Waxwing

“From Les Fleurs du Mal: Baudelaire translations” in Numéro Cinq Magazine

Six poems on eclipse in Drunken Boat

Six poems in Poetry at Sangam House

“Ljubljanica” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize) and “Shadow Anti-shadow” in Front Porch Journal

Translations and five poems, “Škocjan Tinai” in Zlati Coln

“Point,” “Line,” “Plane,” “Sphere,” and “Reflector Telescope” in Tower Journal

“After Buttered Toast” in The Summerset Review

“With God in the kitchen and Ars poetica” in Numéro Cinq Magazine 

A Visit to the Gorge at Tolmin, Slovenia” and “Dance of the Gardener’s Hands” in Forge Journal

“Geode Ode,” “Wedding Blessing,” and “Ode to Beryllium and Chlorophyll” in The Write Room

“Air” in decomP magazinE

Earth,” “Water,” and “Fire” in Wild Violet Literary Magazine

“Flirting & the Excellence of Rain: On translating Tirukkural” in Numéro Cinq Magazine

Translations of Tamil Love Poems and Essay in Numéro Cinq Magazine

“Sweet to My Heart: Translations of Tamil Love Poems” in Numéro Cinq Magazine

Essays, book reviews & interviews:

Singing Creatures on a Land That Sings: A conversation with Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma in The Rumpus

Review of Ghost Fishing: an eco-justice poetry anthology

Just a Volcano Under the Ice: A Review of Kristina Andersson Bicher’s She-Giant in the Land of Here-We-Go-Again in Tupelo Quarterly

Like a Memory of Rain: mixed form travel essay
Bloom (Awst Press essay series, 2017)
Poetry’s Om: an essay
Keeping Promises: Review of one of us is wave one of us is shore by Geneva Chao
In the Palm Garden: Review of The Moon before Morning by W.S. Merwin
Inside the Glass Factory: Review of If the Tabloids Are True What Are You? by Matthea Harvey
Dear Echo to my Echo: Review of Peace by Gillian Conoley 
Read Without Interruption: A review of Woman Without Umbrella by Victoria Redel
The Perplexing Other: A review of Dorianne Laux’s The Book of Men
Peering over the Precipice: A review of Dean Young’s Fall Higher
Small Margins: A review of Pinwheel by Marni Ludwig
Borrowing Light from the Moon: A review of Urban Tumbleweed by Harryette Mullen

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