Real poetry

Given a few lines, a poem can sprout wing-like leaves, sip rain, bud and blossom with color. Tomorrow’s Instapoetry event in downtown Nyack means we’ll all probably write a poem or two, or more. Given some pause, a poem can accelerate beyond speed limits. Given a few conspirators, a poem can admire your very act of admiration as ode, encomium, or vesper. Given a street full of exotic cars, a poem might make your eyes look twice, thrice, stare…

Join me for Instapoetry at Nyack Exotic Car Night— details and RSVP here.

This is just a taste of local poetry workshops I’ll be running this fall. First, I’m co-facilitating a two-session poetry and plein air painting workshop at the Edward Hopper House with artist Kerri Lee Green, on 9/20 & 10/4 from 4 to 7pm. Yes, written arts and visual arts for an exploration of multimedia opportunities. Two virtual sessions are also part of this ekphrastic poetry series, led by Juliana Roth and Alexandra Davies. Find out more on the website here.

The second workshop is a 3-session poetic series exploring our own unique literary “family trees” at Nyack Library, on Thursdays 10/28, 11/18 & 12/9 from 7 to 8:30pm.

Registration for these aren’t quite up yet, because it is still high summer after all. Keep sipping that cold drink on your porch and watching those fireflies. That’s how creativity gets set to sprout.

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