Blazing days

Because I set out to learn about the making of art in my museum-going emprise, so many moments blossomed with knowledge this week. The techniques and preoccupations of artists, whether individuals or whole ateliers, fascinated me. Museum curators really work hard to make these gems of insight.

If you want to make… a goddess

Oftentimes, the descriptions on explanatory plaques in exhibits are meant for an audience that is not me. I’m used to it, of course, because a poet is a rare kind of audience. But I mean also that an Indian-American woman understands Asian artwork differently from other museum goers because of her own particular context.

Buddha, from 10th-century Magadha, India

Our particular fears and our style of distractions are products of our upbringing, which is culturally situated. Artworks are meant to alleviate these mental/emotional/spiritual afflictions. The curation and explanation doesn’t address mine exactly, but I understand the intended audience better. Fascinating to triangulate…

I’m not sure what I’ll paint today, but Facebook sent me a memory after I exited the galleries at the Rubin Museum of Art yesterday, a photo of my daughter from eight years ago, which may be a starting point.

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