Available soon! Kali Sutra: Poems

Time to tie poems into an offering—for you! DSC_0007Most of the poetry in this collection has been published here and there, in journals and online magazines.
Now, these are all together again as I meant to present them, and you can pre-order the collection here on my website, or wait for the release date, October 20, when it should be available on Amazon. If you order here, I can sign your copy, and slip a ribbon bookmark in the pages for you, too.

The title, Kali Sutra, refers to the fierce, demon-slaying goddess Kali, who also happens to be the goddess of poetry. Surprised? Demon-slaying and poetry-writing are absolutely the same thing. Writing often feels to me like a demanding commission, and sometimes like a terrible headache. My 12-year-old daughter made these drawings of Kali for my wall—

Teresa's Kali drawings copy

—a good reminder to stay awake, to write away the darkness with fierce determination and love.

This collection includes poems in several styles: lyric, narrative, persona, visual. Many of my original translations of classical Indian love poems set the scenes for my own work.

I chose to self-publish this collection partly because it is getting old— I’ve written a new manuscript, which I’m now sending to poetry contests and publishers instead of this one.
Kali Sutra cover thumbnailBut mostly it’s because I wrote Kali Sutra out of love for lovers of poetry, whoever you are, for as many as I can reach. Also, the special puja for Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of wisdom and creativity, falls on my birthday this year, which makes me so happy. If you would like to review the book, offer a blurb for its marketing, or write fierce compliments on Amazon, I’d be even happier. Thanks!

I’m hosting the open mic at Art Cafe Nyack on October 20— I’ll have some copies with me, and maybe cake! Hope to see you there!

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