I could find a sweeter photograph than this one. But I’ll start here and hopefully find the words for the sweetness of art. The berries were as sweet as they look. And my daughter’s fingers taking the fruit are truly that adorable in real life. Her rainbow-striped sweater always makes me smile, and so she humors me, even though she prefers her pink shirts on their own. We are layers of beauty. Notice the storybook under the snack. We are movements of beauty. A new poem, for you–

A Cosmology

She has tied her helium balloon to the handle of the vacuum.
It makes me smile—
the balloon straining to the ceiling,
the vacuum straining to the baseboards.

I like the suspended dust in rays of sunlight in my room.
The vacuum collects it once it falls.
The balloon collects something too,
with air straining at escape.

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